Cloud set-up and migration

Realizing your migration to the cloud: reliable, secure and cost-effective

Your successful migration of applications to the AWS or Azure cloud

Your organization has decided to adopt cloud as part of your IT infrastructure, meaning that Azure and AWS become an integral part of the IT environment.

The question is how to successfully use the cloud. There are many stories from moving to the cloud and also stories of moving back from the cloud, the latter because the run cost exceed the amount envisaged.

Does your IT organization have the knowledge, experience and people to successfully set-up and migrate to the cloud?

FourCo helps you with the set-up of and migration to the cloud

We are FourCo. Your partner in helping you to realize your cloud strategy; assess, design, implement and run.

The right solution is dependent on your business and your objectives. Having a solid cloud strategy and migration plan in place is critical.

In a migration plan we define together with you what and when to migrate. Lift & shift, lift-optimize & shift and refactoring are 3 options. Of course not migrating certain applications is also a scenario.

We understand that a cloud migration needs to be done by a partner with a proven track record. A cloud migration that can be delivered on budget while minimizing risks.

Our standard approach and blueprints help you to assess the opportunity, build the migration plan and realize the cloud migration to the future-proof IT platform of your organization.